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Vella & Vernell Catering

About Us

Vella & Vernell’s Catering has been a project in the making for many years. Native Brooklyn, New Yorkers, Alonzo (Vella) and Tanya (Vernell), have been exposed to a variety of fine cuisines ranging from Latin to Jamaican and a number of other delicacies.

Vella developed a strong desire to cook under the influence of his mother, who was a soul food cook from South Carolina. After leaving New York and moving to Virginia, we discovered a wide variety of foods here. But we wanted to introduce the types of foods we were accustomed to. We met the challenge by experimenting and bringing different flavors and spices to life right in our kitchen at home. After meeting our own expectations, we decided to share our food with family and friends who encouraged us to start a business. Our food consists of, Latin, Jamaican, Italian, and Soul Food.

We are excited to bring you the taste of imagination, only the way that Vella & Vernell can do it! We know you’ll enjoy our product and we look forward to sharing our services with you soon!